Social Media Manager

Secret Source

Localización del puesto de trabajo: Remote work opportunities - choose to work from home (within Spain) or from our spacious office in Gran Canaria.
Idiomas requeridos: English
Publicada el: 09/02/2024

Descripción de la oferta

What Success Looks Like:

Lead Generation Mastery

Successfully leverage social media channels, email campaigns, and LinkedIn engagement to consistently generate high-quality leads. Achieve and surpass lead generation targets through innovative strategies and compelling content creation.

Content Excellence

Produce and distribute captivating and relevant content across social media platforms, maintaining a consistent posting schedule. Measure success through increased engagement rates, shares, and audience growth.

Effective Email Funnel Development

Implement an effective email funnel that nurtures leads, resulting in improved conversion rates and higher engagement with tailored newsletters. Monitor and optimise the funnel for maximum efficiency and impact.

Data-Driven Optimization

Establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure campaign success. Provide detailed and insightful reports, utilising analytics to optimise strategies continually.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Collaborate effectively with internal teams, aligning communication strategies with broader company goals. Actively contribute insights and suggestions to enhance overall marketing efforts.

By excelling in these areas, the Social Media and Community Manager will significantly contribute to the company’s growth, brand awareness, and lead generation efforts, solidifying Secret Source’s position within the industry.


Develop a comprehensive communication strategy encompassing website, social media platforms, and email campaigns

Create engaging and compelling content for social media channels, ensuring consistent and relevant posting schedules to drive engagement and generate leads.

Design and implement an effective email funnel to nurture leads, including the development of a newsletter tailored for potential leads.

Strategically grow the LinkedIn community

Coordinate and promote regular webinars targeting the B2B audience, ensuring high attendance and participation through effective promotional strategies.

Establish and monitor KPIs to measure the success of various campaigns, providing regular reports and insights for optimisation.

Required skills:

Proven experience in B2B lead generation through social media and community management.

Proficiency in content creation and management across multiple platforms.

Demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing successful email marketing strategies.

In-depth understanding of LinkedIn as a B2B networking and lead generation platform.

Experience in organising and promoting webinars within a B2B context.

Strong analytical skills to track and report on campaign performance.

Strong communication skills both written and oral.

Additional Skills:

Excellent written and verbal communication abilities in English.

Creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Ability to multitask and prioritise effectively.

Proficiency in utilising analytics and reporting tools.

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